Household solutions

Plug & Play solar systems: Our range of systems are suitable for small-modest household power requirements. With LED lights included, the easily installed system can allow you to light up your home, power small appliances, and continue to chat with your friends with the two USB mobile charging ports. These affordable systems come in different sizes and can be easily moved and connected to appropriate household accessories. With a built-in battery, the whole system is tailor made to take up as minimal space but provide maximum output.

See our range of Plug & Play solar systems available here.

Solar power/hybrid supply systems: If your home has higher power requirements our solar or hybrid solar power supply systems could be right for you. Use the energy from the sun to cook meals, power appliances and watch your favourite shows.

For more information contact our friendly staff through email, telephone or visit our showroom.

Solar geysers: Hot water geysers are one of the largest drains on electricity in your home. By using direct sunlight to heat your water it becomes a natural and environmentally friendly way to save money. We have a range of solar geysers from 120L – 300L to suit your hot water requirements.

Solar refrigeration: Keep your consumable products chilled, fresh and safe with the efficient solar powered fridges and freezers we offer. With sizes ranging from 50 – 225 L, see our Product Catalog or visit our showroom to find an ideal refrigeration solution.

For solar water pumps see Agricultural Solutions