Agricultural solutions

Solar water pumps: using solar energy to pump and store water is an environmentally friendly way to ensure you have a reliable water supply. We offer pumps that can draw water from sources such as lakes, rivers, wells or boreholes using energy supplied directly from solar panels, meaning the system does not require expensive batteries or inverters. We supply a wide range of surface and submersible pumps that can lift water between 10 and 250 m and supply 1,000 to 100,000 litres per day.

See a selection of the solar water pumps we supply on our online shop or for information of the full range Visit our showroom and see a solar Pump.

Farmers in Zambia face the challenge of unreliable rainfall and resulting low crop yields. The solar water pumps can be combined with a drip irrigation system to feed your crops all year round. Using this combination of irrigation and pumping systems enhances your opportunity to grow your farm in a clean, self-sustaining way. By giving up your dependence on rainfall and using the suns energy to irrigate all year round, you can double your crop output and revenue (specific results depend on crop type and soil conditions).

Chicken run: By means of an easy, low cost, self-installed system such as the STANDARD Plug & Play solar system you can power your poultry house. id Solar Solutions offers these kits with lights and solar ceiling disks which will keep your chickens well-lit and warm so they can stay healthy and grow.

Our standard systems can easily power a 12m x 6m run (72 m2). For larger requirements we have the ADVANCED Plug & Play solar system, which has a higher electrical output to expand your production. Please click here to view the specifications of our Plug & Play solar systems.

For solar options for your farmhouse see our Household Solutions.