What guides us

At id Solar Solutions we strive to find a customerImage result for staff having coffee orientated solution to ensure you are getting the best out of our service. We are a growing enterprise with an innovative approach to increasing access to affordable solar technology within Zambia. As a business, we follow a clean environmentally friendly approach to maximise our positive social and environmental impact.

Within our organisation, we encourage a friendly and professional work environment. This supports our enterprise to deliver the highest quality of work from assembly in the workshop to our post installation customer service.



“I am very satisfied with the work of your technical team: they seem to know what they are doing, they want to do it nicely, seem to be proud of what they do and clean up the place after work!”

Hajo Schaefer

“The staff were very hard working and were always very polite. I have bought all my systems from id Solar Solutions and have never been disappointed.”

Philip Bailey

Lima Agro

“The service from id Solar Solutions was brilliant, they come and check when requested and even pop in when going past. I am very happy with the installation and have had no issues so far. Perfect!”

Bridge Camp Lodge

“id Solar Solutions offers excellent service with a very efficient team. They have installed solar systems for the main house and compound houses and water pumps for the borehole. I have forgotten about loadshedding and I don’t have to worry about price increases by Zesco.”

Yveline DuParc